We have been working closely with Tryg for the past 25 years and can proudly say that we serve more than 30 per cent of Danish hauliers.


ITD's two other sister companies/subsidiaries FDE and VIALTIS are among the three largest in Europe within VAT and TMF. They have branches in Poland and Romania, and daily contact with more than 22,000 customers.


For more than 50 years, we have built up a strong co-operation with the broker Oskar Schunck.


We constantly try to optimize both agreements making them rank among the best systems in the market in and outside Denmark.


However, these agreements do not prevent us from inter-acting with you and your company about other insurance companies.


At ITD Insurance Brokers, we are a strong team with high qualifications and more than 25 years of experience in the insurance business.




In ITD Insurance Brokers, we have a high level of expertise in damage insurance businesses, and we can for example assist you with


  • answering questions about your company's insurance cove-rage
  • a qualified dialogue on the company's insurance policies in general
  • answering questions about a specific damage case
  • dialogue on how to prevent damages
  • questions about compensation for loss of use rules and amounts.


We can help with the above, no matter with which insurance companies you have agreements.


Should you have any other needs that do not exactly fit into the above, or are you considering an agreement with another insurance company, please contact us.